We are a natural skin and haircare company. The creation of JANVIER was greatly inspired by the love of science, high quality, well-sourced natural ...

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Luxury, Handmade Soaps

Our handcrafted soaps come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Basically, there’s a natural bath soap for every mood and every setting.

Natural Fragrances & Organic Products

All our products are made from natural ingredients. We think it’s important to create sustainable products that give you all nature has to offer in your ...

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Alex Recker

28 September 2022
4 months ago
Excellent soap! Beyond just the beautiful, decorative presentation, Janvier soap feels great on my skin. It's a must have to survive these dry, midwestern win...
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Christina Han

19 September 2022
4 months ago
Stopped by Fay's booth at the Renegade Craft Fair and I'm so glad I did! I usually never buy soaps but these are definitely one of a kind! I bought "Only You" w...
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